Aluminum Finishing-briefly Introduced by Fen’an(FOEN) aluminum(Factory since 1988)

If you need to customize the frame structure or the like, you need to perform finishing operations on industrial aluminum profiles to complete the custom assembly task of the frame.

The finishing of industrial aluminum profiles needs to be carried out on professional equipment. Generally, CNC equipment and numerical control processing equipment are commonly used, and it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of processing and reduce unnecessary errors to ensure the smooth installation of the frame.

So do you know what steps are involved in the finishing of industrial aluminum profiles? Below, Fen'an(FOEN) Aluminum will specifically explain the common finishing methods of aluminum profiles.

1.Cutting:to be processed into various production line equipment, it needs to be cut according to the requirements of technical parameters. The cutting of aluminum profiles is the first finishing process. It needs to be cut into various sizes according to the requirements of technical parameters. The maximum cutting accuracy error can reach ±0.5mm.

Cutting equipment and operators will directly affect the cutting accuracy of profiles; cutting is the basic processing service and the simplest processing operation, but the cutting accuracy needs to be guaranteed, and the cutting end face needs to be guaranteed without burrs. demand to cut different sizes.

Commonly used cutting processes for aluminum profiles include 90-degree right-angle cutting, 45-degree angle cutting, and 135-degree angle cutting processes, and can also be cut into different angles according to customer needs to achieve assembly at different regular angles;

2.Tapping.:The tapping processing of aluminum profiles is to perform thread tapping on the tapping holes at the ends of the aluminum profiles according to the technical requirements of the design drawings, which is used for the fastening connection of the later frame. The common specifications of the tapping holes are φ6, φ8, φ10, φ12, φ14 Etc., the depth of the hole is determined according to the length of the bolt, usually M8, M12, M14, M16, etc. Including end face tapping, drilling tapping, using CNC machining equipment, the depth can be precisely controlled.

3.Drilling:Industrial aluminum profiles have a variety of connection methods, which need to be punched according to different connection methods. Common punching methods include through holes and stepped holes. It is mainly used for the fastening connection of special special connectors (built-in connectors, inner connectors); including through holes, countersunk holes, blind holes, mounting holes, etc. It needs to be finished according to the drawing requirements.

4. Milling machine CNC CNC milling (including hole milling, slot milling, face milling, end milling). Conventional frame assembly of aluminum profiles does not need to be processed by CNC milling, but in special cases, non-standard parts and profiles are used together, and when functions are expanded, CNC machining of aluminum profiles is required according to technical requirements.

5.Other finishing services. Bending, straightening, laser engraving, spray printing, welding,punching etc.

6. Assemble. Including finished product assembly, on-site assembly, etc., providing installation instructions and video installation instructions.

7. Surface treatment:The surface treatment described here does not refer to the anodic oxidation treatment process in the production process of aluminum profiles, but the discoloration treatment of the surface according to the special needs of users; the common method for surface discoloration treatment of aluminum profiles is spraying treatment, and oxidative discoloration treatment can also be used. method, but the latter is very expensive, so it is rarely used;

Through these methods, aluminum profile related products can be made from industrial aluminum profiles, such as machinery and equipment, aluminum profile frames, factory protective fences, whiteboard racks, workbenches, shelves, industrial escalator collapse tables, safety fences, protective covers, Automatic conveying equipment and so on.

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