Australia makes final anti-dumping ruling on Malaysian polished aluminum profiles


On June 2, 2021, the Australian Anti-Dumping Commission issued Announcement No. 2021/035, stating that the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology of Australia accepted the Australian Anti-Dumping Commission’s inspection of surface polished aluminum profiles imported from Malaysia (Surface). Finish Aluminum Extrusions) made a final anti-dumping adjudication recommendation, that is, Milleon Extruder Sdn Bhd’s dumping margin was 6.1%, LB Aluminium Sdn Bhd’s dumping margin was 2.6%, Kamco Aluminium Sdn Bhd’s dumping margin was 18.5%, and Superb Aluminium Industries’ dumping margin was 18.5%. Sdn Bhd’s dumping margin was 12.8% and decided to impose anti-dumping duties on the aforementioned companies involved. The Australian customs codes of the products involved are 7604.10.00.06, 7604.21.00.07, 7604.21.00.08, 7604.29.00.09, 7604.29.00.10, 7608.10.00.09, 7608.20.00.10, 7610.10.00.12 and 7610.90.00.13.

On February 24, 2020, the Australian Anti-dumping Commission issued Announcement No. 2020/019 stating that in response to an application submitted by the Australian company Capral Limited, an anti-dumping investigation was initiated on surface-polished aluminum profiles imported from Malaysia. The product involved is an aluminum profile product that is further processed or manufactured (for example, precision cutting, machining, punching or drilling) after being extruded by a die. The survey products do not involve processing and manufacturing intermediate or final products, for example, changing the properties and physical characteristics of aluminum profiles to become another product after processing or manufacturing. The main companies involved are Press Metal Sdn Bhd, Milleon Extruder Sdn Bhd, LB Aluminium Sdn Bhd, Kamco Aluminium Sdn Bhd, Superb Aluminium Industries Sdn Bhd and Genesis Aluminium Industries Sdn Bhd. On December 9, 2020, the Australian Anti-dumping Commission made a preliminary anti-dumping ruling on the case. On April 29, 2021, the Australian Anti-dumping Commission terminated the anti-dumping investigation against the Malaysian company Genesis Aluminium Industries Sdn Bhd.

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