Christmas in China

Christmas in China is not related to religion, and combines with carnival and Valentine’s Day. Chinese people treat it as a new way for entertainment, and the streets and shops are full of decorated Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and reindeer dolls.

It is a popular way to go shopping, to karaoke, or cinema and dinner together. Young couples take this chance to express their romance for each other. Merchants also heavily promote a great variety of romantic products for couples. And Christmas is not an official holiday in China, so most offices, schools, and shops remain open. Nonetheless, many people still get in the holiday spirit during Christmastime in China.

Starting in late November, many department stores are decorated with Christmas trees, twinkling lights, and festive decorations. Malls, banks, and restaurants often have Christmas displays, Christmas trees, and lights. Large shopping malls help usher in Christmas in China with tree lighting ceremonies. Store clerks often wear Santa hats and green and red accessories. For spectacular holiday light displays and fake snow, head to the Western theme parks in ShangHai, such as Disneyland.
How our company-Fujian Fenan Aluminium Co., LTD celebrate Christmas? We wore Christmas hats ,decorated Christmas tree, have Christmas lights strung outside their houses or light candles in the windows. Similar to the West, Christmas is celebrated by giving gifts to family and loved ones. Gift hampers, which include edible Christmas treats, are on sale at many hotels and specialty stores during Christmas time. Christmas cards, gift wrap, and decorations are easily found at large markets, hypermarkets, and small shops. Exchanging Christmas cards with close friends and family is becoming more popular as is exchanging small, inexpensive gifts. We takes photos to share happiness.And we send e-mails to our dear customer who brought aluminium products and bless our best wishes.
In our workshop our workers still in production line, as we received so many orders from our dear customers ,we worked hard to make sure the lead time.

This tradition that's becoming popular. On Christmas Eve, is giving apples. Many stores have apples wrapped up in colored paper for sale. People give apples on Christmas Eve because in Chinese Christmas Eve is called "Ping'an Ye", meaning peaceful or quiet evening, which has been translated from the 'Silent Night'. The word for apple in Mandarin is "píngguǒ"which sounds like the word for peace.

Some people go Carol singing, although not many people understand them or know about the Christmas Story. Jingle Bells is a popular Christmas song in China! We do hope we will have a white Christmas Eve!

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