FOEN Aluminium Won the Third Fuzhou Government Quality Award


FOEN Aluminium Won the Third Fuzhou Government Quality Award

Recently, the Fuzhou government published the third Fuzhou municipal government quality awards winners list, Fujian Kuncai Material Technology CO., LTD, Fujian Changle Changyuan Textile CO., LTD, Fujian Fenan Aluminum CO., LTD., Fujian Senda Electric CO., LTD, a total of four companies were on the list.

It is understood that "Fuzhou Government Quality Award" is the highest quality honour in the economic field of Fuzhou city, and is used to commend the implementation of excellent performance management in the economics field, in the structure, technology, quality, market, management and efficiency of meeting the needs of the city's development and the remarkable economic and social benefits of the company or organization.

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