Good news Fenan Aluminum won the top 20 industrial aluminum profile enterprises in China


Recently, at the SMM (17th) International Aluminum Summit, Fenan Aluminum Co., Ltd. has been deeply engaged in the aluminum industry for more than 30 years, especially in recent years, it has continued to conduct research on industrial materials, special aluminum materials, aluminium profiles for windows and doors and automotive aluminum materials. Technology research and development and innovation have been recognized by the vast number of special aluminum and new energy vehicle brands, and thus won the honorary title of "Top 20 Industrial Aluminum Profiles in China".

Mr. Liang Guanrong, director and vice president of our company, took the stage to accept the medal on behalf of the company.

The "Top 20 Industrial Aluminum Profiles in China" this time fully shows that Fenan Aluminum's technology research and development and product quality in industrial aluminum, special aluminum, and automotive aluminum have been widely recognized by customers. In the future, Fenan Aluminum will continue to Improve product quality and service, actively participate in the development and innovation of the aluminum profile industry, and create better products and services to repay the love from all walks of life.

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