[Project case] Shandong Linyi Olympic Sports Center adopts Fen'an aluminum material Shandong Linyi Olympic Sports Center overview

Project location: Linyi City

Total building area: 506,000 square meters

Total project investment: 3.48 billion yuan

Adopt products: glass curtain wall

Engineering Difficulty and application technology:

The Olympic Sports Center stadium project is a large grade A venue, which has passed the national structure over-limit special review and provincial fire special review. The roof structure adopts single-layer cable film structure. Will become the largest span of the cable membrane structure form in East Asia. Effectively fill the gap in the field of domestic cable membrane structure engineering. The steel structure of the stadium is huge and the precision of site assembly and lifting is extremely high. In order to solve the problem of steel structure construction, the method of "ground assembly, segmented lifting and overall closure" is adopted to ensure the overall stability of the structure in the construction process. The engineering roof adopts single-layer cable film structure, and the change of radial annular cable stress should be strictly monitored during the construction process. It is difficult to control the accuracy of the stage cable network tension. The numerical simulation and analysis of the cable network construction process is carried out before construction to provide parameters and basis for construction and monitoring.

Project Introduction: In accordance with the principle of taking the main function of hosting sports events and integrating the functions of emergency shelter and makeshift hospital, the project further optimizes the project design, and under the condition that maintaining the original construction standards, functional layout and investment scale of the project are basically unchanged, the municipal emergency shelters are added to meet the needs of emergency shelter. At the same time, the project added new cultural complex projects, including the construction of Linyi Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, art museum, art museum, library and cultural bookstore, as well as comprehensive exhibition hall, to meet the cultural needs of the citizens of Beicheng New District. In addition, the commercial functions of the three eastern venues and the commercial functions of the stadium circle will be strengthened to meet the commercial needs of the public for sports clothing, equipment, leisure, entertainment and catering businesses, as well as small exhibitions and auto shows.

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