Research And Application Of Building Exterior Window Technology


research and application of building exterior window technology

On the afternoon of September 20, by for southeast coastal area of Fujian province building outside the window technology research and application research, by Fujian Fenan Aluminium co., Ltd., Fujian Fujian province day building decoration co., Ltd., to undertake the southeast coastal areas building outside the window "to carry out the appropriate technology research and application of" group technical seminars in architectural design and research institute of Fujian province for the third time the ninth floor multi-function hall meeting successfully.

Team built according to the fujian province housing and urban and rural construction department of fujian office [2017] 6 files such as spirit, according to the characteristics of the typhoon rainstorm multiple regional geographical climate along the coast of China, to meet user response to natural disasters like typhoon rainstorm and the region the demand of high quality building doors and Windows technology products, guide the research and development for the region characteristics of building doors and Windows technology and products, leading the building doors and Windows industry technology innovation and development of product quality.

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