The current situation of the aluminum industry in various regions under the repeated epidemic environment


The production and transportation of electrolytic aluminum enterprises in the cities (regions) with epidemic control policies were investigated, and the details are as follows:

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region: According to the survey, the local enterprises strictly cooperate with the control policy, and the production has no impact. In terms of transportation, aluminum ingot steam transportation is affected; the railway transportation is affected by the seasonal transportation of fruits and vegetables, the containers are slightly tight, but the early delivery, but the speed is slow. Recently, gongyi Station in Henan province, affected by the road closure management, has suspended unloading (except epidemic prevention materials) from October 9 to 14, which has affected the shipment of Xinjiang.

Henan Province: Luoyang City implements static management. According to the investigation, the local electrolytic aluminum enterprises actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention policy, and the plant is under closed management, and the production has no impact. Enterprise raw material transportation is not affected, arrange personnel to go on duty at the highway intersection in advance.

Shanxi Province: Luliang, Xiaoyi area yesterday from the implementation of three days of temporary silent management, the surrounding some areas of the road closure, the production of enterprises at present is normal, shipping enterprises can organize personnel in advance in the expressway point to point pickup.

Gansu Province: The location of electrolytic aluminum enterprises has been kept silent, but the control measures will last until the end of the month. At present, the enterprise has normal production, the railway line can be shipped normally, and the downstream processing has been temporarily reduced.

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region: Baotou and Ordos are still in the silent period. In Baotou, the railway transportation is not affected, but the downstream aluminum rod processing plant due to the epidemic and other factors, the electrolytic aluminum plant ingot casting is expected to increase; Ordos cargo shipment is not smooth. Enterprises have sufficient inventory of raw materials. However, it is expected to have an impact on the original planned new completed production capacity schedule. Due to the severity of the epidemic, the Holin River region was affected and is not smooth.

In conclusion, the current epidemic control policies have little impact on the production and railway transportation of electrolytic aluminum smelters, but the transportation efficiency decreases. In some areas, the aluminum processing plants around the smelter are controlled by the epidemic and consumption factors, and the amount of ingots in the smelter is expected to increase.

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