A Enterprise With Doors And Windows System Research Institute


Developing Doors and Windows with an Academic Spirit

The FOEN high-end security doors and windows are the first to come from the FOEN System Doors and Windows Research Institute system set up under the authority of eight centres: (1) system doors and windows research centre; (2) door and window testing centre; (3) sample trial production centre; (4) training centre; (5) IT service centre; (6) aluminium physical and chemical centre; (7) experience centre; (8) 3D printing centre. The perfect institutional setting with a complete functional equipment and industry senior r&d team, the FOEN System Doors and Windows Research Institute has become the backbone of China's door and window system research and development. Research and development has become a characteristic of the "Chinese style" door and window systems.

Entering the product research and development experience hall, one can more intuitively understand the level of investment in product research and development innovation. In the experience hall, a series of door and window scientific display areas such as detection equipment simulating a class 13 typhoon, intelligent robotic test door and window opening detection equipment, a profile design area and so on are shown. From research and development to production, Fenan has a complete set of systems to ensure product quality.

Doors and windows have the perfect, strong Ann system, which because of China's north-south geographical features, has developed wind pressure resistance up to level 8, the air tightness is level 7, water tightness can be up to level 4, insulation k value minimum of 2.0 to 0.8 along with silent sound insulation performance. At the same time it has the additional features of: "anti-mosquito, anti-theft, preventing falls, easy to escape". The high performance of the integrated door and window systems have solved more than 20 years of trouble for the doors and windows industry.

FOEN, has a total area of more than 2,000 acres, a total of 6 production bases, a brand value of 5.215 billion-Yuan, and is China's top 100 real estate companies’ preferred brand!

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