FOEN's performance - 300 Square Meters Sunroom Located In Shanxi Province


300 Square Meters Sunroom Located In Shanxi Province

A sunroom can be a terrace with a shelter to enlarge the usable area of the house,it can be a small living room at all seasons, as it has adopted the modernized building techniques to make it warm in winter and cool in summer, it can also be a studio with a desk, a greenhouse for planting, a quiet and soundproof place with beautiful outside view seen from sitting inside, a space connecting living room and nature closely to help you fully relax.

Advantages for aluminum sunrooms:

1. Great value, aluminum profile is able to be extruded precisely, good bearing capacity, flexible to be customized in shape, many colors can be chosen, very safe, durable and heat insulation.

2. Adopted with laminated glass on the roof, shockproof, burglarproof, blast-proof, this laminated glass is same as the automobile windscreen glass, even it is hit by a stone, the broken pieces normally wont drop as there’s a tenacious adhesive film inside the glass, those broken pieces will stick to the film firmly instead of dropping onto the ground.

3. With the adhesive film and low-e in the laminated glass on roof, it is soundproof, and decreases the solar radiation, so it save around 30% of A/C cost.

4.The glasses on the vertical sides are all hollow glasses filled with air or other inert gases, so they are with greatly insulated of heat and sound, much lighter than the solid glass, strong wind resistance.

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