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Application of aluminum profile in storage


Warehousing is a major logistics theme in today's era. One of the important members of the warehouse is the shelf. In addition to the traditional Q235 steel shelves, today we are going to introduce the aluminum profile shelves. As the name implies, it is a shelf made of industrial aluminum profiles.

The aluminum profile shelf is mainly composed of the industrial aluminum profiles that meet the load-bearing requirements, which are cut and processed according to the drawings, and then assembled with the upper plate and other parts. It is an essential storage tool for warehouse. Common aluminum shelves are: layer shelves, display cabinet shelves, fluency shelves.

Fluency shelf

Why choose aluminum profile instead of steel? The main reason is that the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy profiles is good, unlike steel, it is easy to rust and paint. Customized shelves made of aluminum profiles are all anodized to a protective film, which will neither fade nor be corroded by external words. Therefore, the small shelves in general workshop or the shelves in special acid and alkali environment are made of industrial aluminum profiles.

Aluminum profile shelf

So how is the aluminum shelf designed? Aluminum profile manufacturers communicate with customers' needs first. The more important information here is the length, width, height and weight of the items to be stored, as well as the storage method. The other is the size and height of the warehouse. Use this information to design the shelves. Then confirm the drawing processing and installation. In addition to installation in the factory, door-to-door measurement and installation services are also provided.

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