Fujian FOEN Group: Forging famous brand products in the aluminum industry with heart


“You work hard outside to create the famous Fuqing brand. I stick to Fuqing and guard the famous Fuqing brand. "This is Ms. Huang Xiuhua, vice chairman of Fuqing Federation of Industry and Commerce, chairman of Fuqing Building Materials Industry Association, and general manager of Fujian FOEN Group. Determination and ultimate goal.

Fujian FOEN Aluminum Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 with a registered capital of 500 million yuan and covers an area of about 600 acres. It is the largest aluminum alloy construction and industrial profile production base in Fujian Province.

The company specializes in R&D, production, and direct sales of aluminum alloy profiles, system doors and windows, solar photovoltaic brackets, stainless steel pipes, auto parts, doors and windows and curtain wall accessories. The products are widely used in building window&door curtain walls, decoration, sports, cultural and educational supplies, medical products, tourism, communications, electromechanical, furniture, transportation and other industries.

In  017, the output value was about 1.2 billion yuan, and the tax revenue was more than 30 million yuan. In 2018, the output value was about 1.8 billion yuan and the tax revenue was more than 42.9 million yuan.

The company has a professional R&D and design center for building products. It has independently developed dozens of series of building window&door and curtain wall products according to the climate characteristics, usage preferences, and aesthetic needs of different regions. They have obtained national patents and all have good air tightness. , Water tightness, wind pressure resistance, and heat and sound insulation effects. FOEN Aluminum’s high-performance system window&door series products have created a precedent in China’s system window&door, and successfully developed the world’s first "five high and one low translation and flat combination window", achieving a 50-year exemption of water-proof window and door accessories from level 12 typhoons. Maintenance, and enjoy the "lifetime free maintenance service" provided by FOEN.

The company also has two think tanks, the FOEN System Window&Door Research Institute and the Business School, to carry out the research and development of Chinese-style system window&door and the popularization and dissemination of window&door technology and management knowledge, and to build the industry's first self-operated O2O window&door e-commerce platform— -FOEN Mall.

Over the years, FOEN has been awarded the titles of "China's Well-known Trademark", "China's Top 10 Aluminum Profiles Brands", "China's Top 10 Aluminum Profiles", "China's Top 20 Construction Aluminum Profiles Enterprises", and "Fujian Famous Brand Products". Won the top 10 influential brands of the Haixi Economic Year in 2009, was rated as "Fujian Science and Technology Enterprise", "Fuzhou Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise", "Municipal Enterprise Technology Center" in 2013, and was named "Fujian" in 2015 Provincial Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise", an industrial enterprise quality and credit commitment enterprise, was recognized as the 19th batch of "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" in Fujian Province in November 2015, and won the 2015 Innovative Product Award in December of the same year. Won the "Fuzhou Municipal Government Quality Award" in 2016. In 2018, it was awarded "China's Top 500* Valuable Brands" and "National High-tech Enterprise". These all confirm the development history of the company.

FOEN  Group

With 32 years of roots, FOEN Aluminum Group has been running all the way through new technology, innovation and research, and through continuous independent innovation from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", it has opened a new vane of China's aluminum industry and a "high-tech enterprise". The identification shows that the company has received strong support and recognition from the state in terms of innovative research and development.

Huang Xiuhua, general manager of Fujian FOEN Group, said that as a new Fuqing person, she is fortunate to witness the growth, rise and strength of the company and the city of Fuqing. She is extremely proud.

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