The South China Sea Aluminum Association's "Aluminum Seven Articles" review action was launched to assist enterprises in improving safety production


In the face of the current severe situation of safety production, Foshan Nanhai District Aluminum Profile Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association") issued the "Proposal to Strengthen the Safety Management of Aluminum Processing Enterprises" to the member enterprises of the association, and mobilized all member units to quickly implement the "Proposal" "Aluminum Seven" self-inspection and self-correction activities, to rectify the existing problems.

On May 18, at the invitation of the enterprises, Lu Jiyan, the executive vice chairman of Guangdong (Nanhai) Aluminum Processing Industry Alliance and director of the Technical Expert Committee, led the team. The association organized relevant safety technical experts to form a safety production service expert group (hereinafter referred to as the "expert group"). ), and went to Guangdong Huachang Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huachang") and Foshan Nanhai Yifeng Nonferrous Metals Casting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yifeng") to conduct re-examinations on the implementation of the "Seven Aluminium Articles" to help enterprises find accurate Hidden dangers, closed-loop guidance for rectification.

The expert team went deep into the melting and casting workshop for inspection, focusing on the inspection and supervision of the company's implementation of the "seven aluminum" safety measures for aluminum processing deep well casting enterprises. The facilities and equipment, technological process and risk source prevention and control measures of casting, focusing on the company's strict implementation of the "seven aluminum" safety measures were reported one by one. The association's safety production expert service team checked the casting environment, the operation of the reformed equipment, the high and low pools, etc., and carefully recorded every hidden safety point.

Afterwards, the expert group communicated with the company leaders and technical backbones on the rectification of the "Seven Aluminium Articles", and conducted exchanges and discussions one by one. According to the on-site inspection, the expert group put forward suggestions to the enterprise to further improve the "seven aluminum articles" and improve the overall safety production level of the enterprise.

At the meeting, director Lu Jiyan, the leading expert, emphasized that aluminum processing (Shenjing Foundry) enterprises should not only implement the national "seven aluminum rules", but also strictly follow the "eight musts" recently proposed by the Guangdong Provincial Emergency Management Department and the emergency response at all levels where the enterprise is located. The detailed implementation measures proposed by the department, and the self-examination and rectification of various safety hazards are carefully promoted. Enterprises should strictly fulfill their responsibility for production safety, put people first, consciously improve their political position, comprehensively strengthen enterprise safety management, improve rules and regulations, implement safety standards, strengthen employee safety training, improve employees' safety awareness, and improve employees' safe operation and emergency response Disposal ability, thus, the overall improvement of the safety production management level of the enterprise.

After the meeting, in response to the suggestions put forward by the expert group, Huachang and Yifeng companies quickly set up a company rectification team to speed up the implementation of various clauses of safe production.

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