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Analysis Of 4 Common Defects In Extruded Aluminum Alloy Profiles


We now make use of basic flat die extrusion die, in the casting bar without peeling, pile casting rod surface and inner of impurities deposition of metal flow in the mold die area, with the development of squeeze casting rods and extrusion root number increasing, miscellaneous quality, and the dead area is also in constant change, there are part of the normal flow of metal belt, piling up in work and deformation after the empty room.Some are pulled off by profiles, forming granular burrs.Therefore, the die is the key factor that causes the granular burr.

In addition, the higher the roughness of the surface of the die, the lower the hardness of the surface of the work belt, which is also one of the reasons for sticking aluminum and forming granular burrs.

Influence of extrusion process It is found that the correct selection of extrusion process parameters is also an important factor affecting granular burr.After on-site observation, extrusion temperature, extrusion speed too fast particle burr more, the reason is high temperature, fast speed, profile flow speed increases the degree of mold deformation, metal flow speed, metal deformation resistance is relatively weakened, easier to form the phenomenon of sticking aluminum;For the large extrusion coefficient, the deformation resistance of the metal is relatively increased and the dead zone is relatively increased, which improves the conditions for forming sticky aluminum and increases the probability of forming "adsorbed particles".The difference between the heating temperature of the casting rod and the temperature of the mold is too large, and it is easy to cause the problem of granular burr.

Dust in the air, water, oil and other strongly attached to the surface of aluminum, the reason is that hot aluminum encounter after the dust adhesion, react and produce colloidal substances, in the process of aging and combined with the dust in the furnace, the generated large granular burr, in subsequent oxidation, electrophoresis, spraying process is not easy to remove.

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